EL CANGREJO ! Home made delicious food !

Welcome to “El Cangrejo”, the heart of the hotel. The restaurant offers high class food with local ingredients. Dishes are fresh and healthy with an incredible taste all under the control of the chef. For all lovers of good homemade meals, come and taste this exquisite experience.
Please note kindly that we don’t offer any vegan plates.

“El Cangrejo” is open every day for hotel guests only.

We have a wine list to accompany your meal.


8.00 am – 9.30 am
Continental breakfast at the restaurant


12.00 noon  – 1.00 pm
15$ main
20$ main and dessert

You will have the choice each day between three different dishes, a salad, a sandwich or special of the day ! For the dessert we offered you homemade ice cream with fruit of the garden, banana, pineapple, mango …Come and enjoy your lunch in our favorites places… the swimming pool or at the restaurant


Dinner is served for everybody at 7.00 pm
Day menu 27$

At night we provide a healthy, balanced three-course meal. A starter, main course and dessert. We use locally sourced products from our garden or local shops .

We offer real carribean food with a French touch. Tasty, well-cooked and nicely presented food is our passion. All the food served in the Finca is home-cooked, no processed or pre-cooked food is used.

We have a special children’s menu at 15$.

Buddha bar ! Enjoy a cocktail at every moment !

In our bar we serve drinks from ten to nine.

Enjoy the relaxed atmosphere with a fresh and healthy smoothie or a tasty cocktail. Relax into our infinity pool and listen to the birds.