Preserved nature

  • A small protected wild island

Discover the rare plants and majestic animals of Isla Pastores, a small wild island preserved from tourism.

Located south of Almirante bay and east of San Cristóbal, Isla Pastores boasts a rich flora and fauna. On its land as off its coast, the wild life deploys its many assets and parade as if to better seduce you.

The forest has the particularity of having remained intact over most of its territory. It is the absence of the terrible devastating cyclones that has allowed its conservation.

The flora thus protected represents an exceptional value for those passionate about botany.

  • Abundance of fruit trees

As you walk through the finca, you will discover an abundant variety of fruit trees with signs indicating their species: mango, pineapple, guava, cocoa … the list goes on.

It is with these harvests that we make our dishes and fresh cocktails served at the bar and in the restaurant. Locally grown and full of flavors!

fruit isla pastores
mango finca vela lodge
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jungle isla pastores
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visit jungle Isla pastores

An extraordinary biodiversity

  • Ideal observation site

In the heart of the Bocas del Toro Archipelago, Finca Vela Lodge offers its visitors the discovery of a rich and diverse tropical nature.

From astonishing mangrove to woodland, preserving rare species and lush jungle, discovery happens at every moment.

The existing balance between the plant world and the fauna results in an extraordinary biodiversity. Finca Vela Lodge is home to an ideal observation site : witness an intense tropical life with the ever changing lights and colors of the bay in the background.

Howler monkeys, sloths, colorful butterflies, hummingbirds coexist with various species of parrots and toucans, raptors and many more.

This setting turns out to be a magical and dreamed place for photography enthusiasts.

  • Exotic environment

Our site offers you the opportunity to admire the wildlife that resides here. Thus, you will be able to surprise a Rana verde frog, watch the flight of parrots, glimpse the hummingbirds coming to forage on the hibiscus flower among many butterflies or the iguana wandering through the jungle.

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jungle isla pastores
jungle isla pastores

Relax by the Caribbean Sea

After a walk in the jungle, a break is more than welcome!
Cool off by the pool with a breathtaking view of the bay.

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