Exploring with Mask, Fin & Snorkel

Our 300 meters of seafront are sheltered by an exquisite coral reef. Come and explore this underwater world of breathtaking beauty.

Their particularly calm and crystal clear waters, sheltered from the ocean sea, have allowed the development of fine and colorful corals, around which a vibrant aquatic life revolves. Rising in open water, the reef can be reached with mask and snorkel, only a few fin stroke away from our wooden deck.

The water depth is constant over the entire area (3-4m). You will find small reefs, covered with turquoise, golden yellow or carmine red sponges, constituting a particularly colorful ecosystem.

Conical and massive corals cling to the walls, and serve as privileged shelters for the brittle stars that have colonized the area. Small groups of sergeant majors seem to be on guard, ignoring the wreaths and dogtooth snappers who patrol around the reef.

coral isla pastores
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Discover a new world

Snorkeling is accessible to all and is easy to practice. It has all the characteristics to appeal to all age groups: children, teenagers and adults.

Snorkeling will allow you to discover another side of the island: the underwater world of Isla Pastores, an environment full of life! You will be able to explore all the wonders that are hidden under the water: colors, shapes, creatures, vegetation, etc. There are so many beautiful underwater encounters to experience around the Finca.

The Caribbean Sea awaits you to discover its rich and vibrant underwater world. It will be particularly interesting to debrief and share your observations with all the family and friends upon return to the beach.

All the snorkel gear necessary to explore the reef will be lent to you on site and free of charge.

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